Thursday, 24 June 2010

its wagtastic...

can you remember footballers wives?

it was the millenniums answer to desperate housewives but with a distinctly british twist, it was sexy, stylish and deviously entertaining.

remember tanya fake tanning her arch rival, amber's baby, in an attempt to swap it for her own?
remember chardonnay's death from anorexia, months after her son (who was in fact her brother-in-law, as he was jackie's son, mother to her husband, kyle...phewww!) was revealed to be a hermaphrodite?
remember poor little 5ft 5 darius and his hopeless infactuation with super bitch tanya, funny how her then husband, jason, just happened to fall to his death hours after the couple had renewed their wedding vows wasn't it d-man?

i can remember thursday nights, switching over to itv 1 at 9'oclock and escaping into a world of fast cars, blonde hair extensions and perma-tans, where the women ruled the roost in 6 inch stilettos and skin tight body-cons. the fashion was a-mazing, outrageously tacky and super bling, bling!
my favourite character was amber, a stunning bollywood actress and wife of ace striker, conrad gates. i loved her combination of bright indian style and colour cut with an edge of pure porn star glamour.
looking back now i wonder what the shows stylist was thinking dressing the cast in such creations and what i was thinking adoring every minute of it. the show was epitomised by tanya turner, played by zoe lucker, she was a car-crash style icon, adorned in gucci and versace fearlessly waving the falg for super bitch wags everywhere, but back then she was the coolesr women alive to me. what a strange child i must have been...
so it seems that footballers wives is having a revival and i am whole heartily loving it. it's being shown on sky channel, cbs drama at 10'oclock on weekday nights and i've gotta say its as shamefully entertaining as it was nearly a decade ago, viva le wags!

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