Wednesday, 9 June 2010

the festival look.

british summers consist of several important factors for me, copious amounts of pear cider, 1940's tea dresses, trips to devon and festivaling. the latter being the highlight of them all. wherever else is it going to be exceptable to refrain from showering for 4 days while knocking back a trusty tin or 2 of strongbow with your breakfest?

apart from seeing the bands ive been devotedly listening to all winter my favourite part of it all is the festival fashion, i love how people seem to throw their inhibitions out of the window, donning thoses killer wardrobe backbenches that would anywhere else get you tested for insanity. im talking madonna style cone bra's over mohair knitted jumpers and neon meggings (male leggings). my essentials are of course my leather biker jacket, tweed wellies and straw fedora hat (which was taken into the deadmaus tent at leeds fest last year and came back in several small pieces, evidently very rock and roll).

while my festival wardrobe is mainly made up of vintage and retro pieces i found some a-mazing things on, the black studded hunter wellies are killers and have been put on my "if i was a rockstar" wish list.
you can get those beauties at:
hunter festival 2010 tall wellington boots, black, £145.00

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