Monday, 14 June 2010

double denim.

personally i was doubtful this season when the elle catwalk reports informed me that double denim was back. not a look easily achieved, and one that seems to be a favourite with the elderly, wannabee cowboy click that is surprisingly quite popular in my square of yorkshire.

aniways i wasn't entirely ready to commit to head to toe, un-interrupted denim, instead opting for a safer addition of a vintage floral vest. living fully up to the expectations of us "alexa chung, indie girl" types, i of course threw on my leather biker jacket on top, as always i embraced the cliche!

my jacket is way too old and really should be put out to pasture (i feel the same way about bruce forsyth), but i love it so much i doubt i'll ever stop wearing it. my brown leather saddle bag is vintage and has loads of strange things written on the inside, including a quote from nelson mandela and signatures from leeds fest 09. im wearing a vintage wallis floral vest that was once a crazy 80's jumpsuit, a bit too mad for me unfortunately and my fav h&m super-tight skinnies. i work at allsaints so my boots were free part of my work uniform, i love, love, love them and they go with absolutely everything, or maybe they don't and i just look like a dick, either way im not that fussed really.

don't my mums shrubbery boaders look cute.

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