Monday, 7 June 2010

the big tan debate.

every summer im faced with the same old predicament, to tan or not to tan?
a glimmer of illusive british sunshine and the nation seems to turn into a hord of taxorexics, desperately seeking that hollywood glow, but do we all really want to look like katie price's oranger sister? or maybe a fhm page regular?

fake tanning feels like a national pastime for us brits, it seems we're skilled operatives in the art of tanning it up, whether we're literally baking on the sun beds or applying a good old dose of rimmel sun shimmer (a product i of course indulge in from time to time, when i feel my inner wag re-surfacing)

so is it a constitutional requirement of every brit to look like a vat of orange juice on legs, does a girl have to apply fake tan to get her pins out in the great british summer, is it ok to rock a dita von tease? or should i be sporting cheryl cole's latest shade of terracotta?

i have pale skin, almost albino colouring, and to be honest i occasionally succumb to the temptation of slapping on the biscuit scented creme, what can i say im only human.

but after much discussion i have decided this summer i'll be ping-ponging from fully fledged member of the jet set to perfectly porcelain, who doesn't love abit of variation anyway!

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